This would be Struts

If Struts was a woman, she would probably be around their 40s. She is mature and has a lot of experience, but she has lost her glamour and her good looks. Everything still kind of works, but not ‘like it used to’. Young new JEE developers don’t want anything to do with her and try to stay away. But the older mature managers still have feelings for her and long back to when she was young and the world was a better place.


This would be JSF

JSF would be a woman in her late twenties. Her world is no longer open-minded and nice, she’s starting to think about what she wants to achieve in life. Not yet old and wise, but no longers kind and nice, she’s stuck with a pre-midlife crisis. In the process of maturing she’s developing JSF 2.0, hopefully becoming a mature framework in the near feature when she hits her thirties.


This would be Wicket

Wicket is a 23 year old party girl. She is friendly and easy and has been partying for years now, looking for cool JEE developers to flirt with. The moment you meet her you get the feeling you’ve known her for years now. But as with most party girls at her age, it usually stays with flirting and one-night stands. Now that she gets older her relationships with the cool JEE developers become harder and harder. They nowadays tend to hang around with the younger sexier frameworks and she’s feeling the competition. She’s trying hard to grow up and become a full mature woman with long-term relationships and long mature projects, but she isn’t there yet.

Java FX

This would be JavaFX

Java FX is hot, at least, that is what her Facebook page tells you. Everywhere you look she wants to be noticed, she has a Twitter account and uploads numerous YouTube movies featuring: herself. The problem is, she’s just 16 years old, and almost all Java developers know they should stay away until the time is right. The cool young developer that give it a try quickly find out she is still in her puberty, one moment she looks grown-up, and the next she’s stressed out and angry without any reason.

Spring MVC

This would be Spring MVC

This girl has library written all over her. She doesn’t hang in a bar with the cool chicks, she just goes her own way. She’s learned a lot from her mother Struts, and just improved on that. She’s better at making connections and making new friends to interact with, but in a polite manner. The only problem she has is that she’s very predictable, you can’t just take her out to a party. She just doesn’t do all the new cool stuff, it’ll cost you a lot of time to convince and teach her how to do it.


This would be GWT

GWT is your typical rich girl with famous parents. When you first meet her you instantly get a familair feeling. Its fun to get to know her, but she has a dark secret. She already has a steady relationship with a Javascript developer! Sooner or later you’ll find out that she’s in fact a Swinger.


This would be Servlet

JSP and Servlets, they are everywhere online. You can find them using dating websites and they are cute, nice to talk to. The only problem? The person behind the pc is actually a fat ugly 46 year old guy.


This would be Tapestry

Tapestry likes to hang around with Wicket and Spring MVC, they enjoy the same parties and the same developers. The thing that sets Tapestry apart is that she likes makeovers! Everytime you meet her she has undergone a complete makeover. In fact, most of the time you can hardly recognise her!

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  • Ron Thijssen


  • Stephan

    LOL, nice article.

    You probably have to much time ;-)

  • Rodolfo Baeza

    LOL you made my day! that was great!

  • Crystal

    What does JavaFX do here? Two simple problems:
    – it’s not web-centric
    – it’s far from being a framework

  • Roy van Rijn

    JavaFX is here because:
    – It is currently marketed as web solution
    – Its such a funny and easy target, I had to include it

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  • Ant


  • SMiGL

    Impressive. Nice article.

  • David

    This is great…and you managed to accomplish much more then I did with all my words in Isn’t it all just pretty colored paints anyway?

  • Jan-Kees van Andel

    LOL, I always thought I liked JSP/Servlets, but after reading this, I’m trying to get her (or him?) out of my head!

  • Keith

    This is just too easy. How about:

    CGI: Your high school girlfriend. Everyone starts out with one, but you split up early and for good reasons. An essential learning experience.

    Flex: Gold digger. Looks fantastic and says she’s open, but the relationship will turn monetary right away.

    Grails: Mistress. You sneak away from your normal life to spend time with her, because she’s fun and low maintenance. You’ll never be able to settle down with this one because she’s not considered serious enough.

  • Peter Schuler

    Actually let’s not forget that almost all those nice good looking ladies are offspring of JSP/Servlets. So perhaps you can ignore it/him at the start of your relationship but if you want to get serious about your long term commitments you better make sure that ‘daddy’ approves.

    So laugh at his jokes, make sure your not stealing his steak from the family barbeque and support the same sports team. Just don’t catch the JSP/Servlet daddy in his drag queen outfit… that is just plain awkward.

  • matthieu

    What about the play framework ? I would be glad to hear what you think about it.

    • royvanrijn

      I haven’t done anything with the Play Framework (yet!). But I hope to do so in the future…

  • Dirk

    Really nice! LOL.

    But what about ASP(.NET)?

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